Cat Track Studio
by Mara Bosch

Cat Cups

Michaelangelo said, "Every feline is a masterpiece."

Shelf Cat cup
Shelf Cat

Sit back and relax with a hot or cold mug of your favorite beverage and a placid sleeping cat. You deserve a moment of luxurious leisure. Your cat knows she does.

Seated Cat cup
Seated Cat

Your cat agrees with Michaelangelo. With a personality ranging from friendly to ferocious, no one but a cat is so comfortably itself.

All cups are

Cat Tracks cup
Cat Tracks

This design is modeled after the universal motif' with which cats have been decorating the hoods of our cars for generations. Recall a cat's softness and its utter conviction that it owns all it touches.


Stroll With the Cats cup Stroll With the Cats

We know about the women who run with the wolves (click here).
But there are also those among us who stroll with the kitties.

        Wolf Cups

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