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The Wolves

The Wolf / Womyn Pack
Wolf wisdom in everyday life

The Wolf / Womyn Pack

The Wolf/Womyn is actually three books in one.
On one level, it can be read as anectdotal stories about the adventures of Chris and Pat raising a wolf pack from pups.
In another context, the book is an informative narrative about the nature of wolves and their plight on the planet.
Lastly, the Wolf/Womyn Pack is a tarot with 21 cards (pictures of our wolf pack) which illustrates wolf attributes.

Chris draws on her background as a feminist counselor to reveal the meaning of the cards in human terms and attempts to portray how much we can learn from wolves about living in harmony with the earth and each other.
46 pages, 10 pen and ink illustrations.


Memory of Wolves
Memory of Wolves
16" X 20" print available
matted $45, framed $75
Lascaux, Guardians of the Mysteries
Lascaux, Guardian of the Mysteries
20" X 16" print available
matted$ 45, framed $75

Wolf Walk
16" X 20" print available
matted $45, framed $75

16" X 20" print available
matted $45, framed $75

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