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Amazon Moon Publishing

The Amazon Empowerment Tarot
An Amazon Journey to Self Actualization

The AmazonEmpowerment Tarot embodies the Amazon vision of author Chris Rivers and artist Pat Wiles. The book and deck are the fulfillment of over a decade of their Amazon research, paintings, writings, and teachings.
This Amazon based tool for daily divination includes four elemental clans and 36 original Amazon paintings as cards. The cards are divided into Matriarchs, Messengers, and Amazons within the four clans. Herbal and gemstone correlatives exist for each card as well as a comprehensive description of the card's meaning (including tilts and reverses). Five original spreads are offered to facilitate readings.
34 pages, 36 full color cards.     


Amazon Meditation Book and Tape

The Amazon Meditation book and tape portrays author Chris River's personal journey of reclaiming her Amazon heritage.
The tape includes a detailed chakra clearing meditation which promotes getting in touch with our Amazon Cellular Memories.
21 pages. Six original illustrations by the author. 30 minute tape by Chris Rivers.


The Wolf / Womyn Pack
Wolf wisdom in everyday life
The Wolf / Womyn Pack

The Wolf/Womyn is actually three books in one.
On one level, it can be read as anectdotal stories about the adventures of Chris and Pat raising a wolf pack from pups.
In another context, the book is an informative narrative about the nature of wolves and their plight on the planet.
Lastly, the Wolf/Womyn Pack is a tarot with 21 cards (pictures of our wolf pack) which illustrates wolf attributes.

Chris draws on her background as a feminist counselor to reveal the meaning of the cards in human terms and attempts to portray how much we can learn from wolves about living in harmony with the earth and each other.
46 pages, 10 pen and ink illustrations.


Amazon Moon Rising

As transparant watercolorist Pat Wiles was creating the first 25 Amazon Paintings, author Chris Rivers held each completed work and asked each to reveal its story.
Amazon Moon Rising came into existance as a result of Chris listening to the journeys of her Amazon foremothers.
138 pages, 25 full color illustrations.


Legacy of FriendsLegacy of Friends
A Story of Love, Death, and Renewal

Nonfiction, 200 pages


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