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About the Artist

Pat Wiles lives with her partner, Chris Rivers, their wolf pack, dogs, cats, and horses on a ranch in Colorado.
She is a nationally known feminist artist working in Transparent Watercolor.
Her life's work is to recreate our Amazon Herstory which depicts the way we womyn have of being on the earth, with animals and each other.

Pat Wiles - the Artist
Chris Rivers - the Writer

About the Writer

Chris Rivers, a lifelong feminist, holistic healer, therapist, author and social psychologist has been writing and presenting workshops on our Amazon herstory for over a decade.
She is the Alpha in a small wolf pack, and the inspiration for C. Whitehorn's bronze sculpture Spirit Gift.

Future Shows

Meet us and the Amazon Art in person at the following Shows:

National Womyn's Music Festival - June
Michigan Womyn's Music Festival - August

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