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16"X 20" print - matted $45, with black metal frame $75.

Amazon Moon creates empowering original watercolor paintings
which reclaim our rich Amazon Herstory.

Amazon Moon Productions evolved from love.
These paintings and writings are the inspirations of Pat Wiles and Chris Rivers. The work represents their reverence for the Amazon spirit and their desire to reflect that energy in a representation of all womyn everywhere.
We know that the origin of our Amazon foremothers can be traced to thousands of years ago. Womyn identified cultures have existed on different continents throughout the ages. However the reality that womyn can and do love and work together and form societies based on earth teachings and humyn need, has always presented a threat to the patriarchy. Hence little of our Amazon herstory has survived the genocide perpetrated by male dominated political and religious structures. This loss to our cultural identity is incalculable. However, in adversity, each of us has an opportunity to redefine ourselves and create a living herstory as well.
We are the Amazons of today.
The paintings portray our power, spirit, and diversity. The writings amplify many of our beliefs and ways of being on the planet. Where history has obliterated our culture we have sought to drawupon our knowledge to create herstory. We invite each of you to be similarly inspired, to remember your ancient origin and to create your own reality.

Signed and numbered limited edition prints of
the Amazon, the Gateway, and the Wolves series may be ordered,

as well as

The Amazon Meditation Book and Tape,

The Amazon Empowerment Tarot Book and Deck,

and The Wolf / Womyn Pack Tarot Book and Deck.


Look for Amazon Moon at
the National Womyn's Music Festival in June,
and at
the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival in August

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